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Hard Fitness Online Magazine Issue #28 - Annie Clark Weight Training DVD by Juan Carlos Lopez


"I had been looking to get in shape for some time, but couldn't ever seem to find the motivation. While watching Annie Clark's DVD I was inspired. She actually made working out look like fun! She's funny and charismatic, and obviously an expert in fitness. In the DVD she explains how the different exercises will improve health and fitness, and then shows the viewer the proper form. While watching I thought 'I can do this!' and picked up weights right then and there. I never get tired of watching the DVD over and over - it's great! Now I've lost 12 lbs. I look great and feel great! Annie's DVD is the best workout DVD out there! And trust me, I've seen them all." Divini Rae, Playmate and Model.

Welcome to the website of Psychologist & Fitness Lover,

Annie Clark.

Annie's fitness DVD is out now -

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Postal orders can be made by sending a cheque/money order for $25 + $5 (p & h) & your address details to:

Annie Clark

 PO Box 1112,

Randwick, NSW, Australia, 2031


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Do you want to lose body fat and look trim and toned? Do you need an excellent weights
program to work out your whole body but can't afford a personal trainer? Do you want some healthy eating tips? Then Annie Clark's fitness DVD is for you. 'Weight Training' outlines an easy 4 day exercise plan for you to follow to get the body you want and feel healthy, strong and energetic. It will give you a weights program to strengthen, shape and tone your:
     * shoulders, biceps & triceps
     * chest & back
     * legs & stomach
as well as providing 4 great cardio options and tips on a healthy diet that will help you lose weight and have more energy.

Filmed at a gym in Bondi Beach, Sydney, Annie shows you the best way to use weight machines and free weights to get the most out of your workouts.

$1 from the sale of each DVD is being donated to the Cancer Council - so your support is also helping out a good cause.


'Weight Training - Getting the Body You Want' will help you to be the best you can be! Don't delay - take your fitness goals to the next level and buy it today.

Running time - 1 hour.

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  Shop Amazon - Top Holiday Deals in Sports